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Ocean Lotion

by The Loh Down On Science

UCLA dermatologists discover an ocean-inspired formula to treat acne.

Disappointment in your ointment? Try a lotion from the ocean!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

Acne--the bane of adolescence and menace of generations of class photos--is caused by excess skin oils, clogged up pores, and bacterial infection.

All kinds of acne ointments have been developed, but they can leave a face dry, flaky and covered with kidney-shaped spots of flesh-colored cream.

To help, dermatologists at UCLA were looking for a material to help carry antibiotics deep into the skin.

While experimenting with nanoparticles of CHITOSAN, a polysaccharide derived from ground up shrimp and crab shells, the researchers made an unexpected discovery.

The nanoparticles THEMSELVES had antibiotic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Researchers say chitosan could be used to create a zit-busting combination cream. It would both treat bacterial infection in the skin AND act as a carrier for antioxidants, collagen, or therapeutic agents for other problems.

Of course, even a CLEAR-faced teen may still face unpopularity. For which there is no solution. Except depressing rock poetry lyrics. And good luck with that.

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