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Hormone Spearguns

Spearguns offer the ultimate aphrodisiac

Love tuna sushi? Thank a SPEARGUN!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

and on the biology of bluefin love.

The Atlantic bluefin is king of the tunas. This ain't no little 'chicken of the sea': A full-grown bluefin weighs over three hundred pounds and is worth a hundred-thousand dollars to elite Sushi chefs in Japan.

So, not surprisingly, they've been over-fished all over the world.

To enhance their catch, fisherman keep bluefins in farms for fattening up. But breeding there hasn't been successful because bluefins have erratic spawning habits--and don't get frisky in captivity.

Now, an international team of scientists has found the ideal aphrodesiac for bluefin. It's an erotic shot in the arm--er, fin.

Caged bluefin off the coast of Italy were injected with hormones by scientists wielding spear guns. They produced ten million fertilized eggs in four days.

For bluefins, that's one big baby boom--and the first effective method of induced spawning with the finicky fish.

Sorry, Charlie. StarKist doesn't want tunas with good taste. They want tunas that get it on! In a manner of speaking.