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Hey Good Lookin'

Tipsy volunteers rate strangers as more attractive than do teetotalers.

Beauty is in the eye of the be-drunken?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

and with the buzz on beer goggles.

Psychologists from the University of Bristol had eighty-four undergrads practice science the old-fashioned way: over drinks.

Half were served a vodka with lime; the other half, a virgin substitute. After each downed their cocktail, they rated the attractiveness of forty strangers' faces, displayed on a computer screen.

The attractiveness scores given by tipsy students were about TEN PERCENT higher than those of sober students.

The effect was purely visual: There were no sexy voices, no tail-shaking, no CHEMISTRY. . . just a lab bench and some passport photos, baby!

Moreover, boozers were more attracted to strangers of both the opposite AND the same sex, regardless of their own sexual orientation.

In men, the effect lingered; twenty-four hours after drinking, guys were STILL scoring pictures higher.

This research was the first to show that beer goggles are not only REAL--they're CHEAP! Thank you, science!