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Someday, an Australian scientist says, diabetics' blood sugar may be monitored by an army of microscopic robo-docs, streaming through their veins.

Need a sugar fix? Ask your nanorobots!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Saying imagine: An army of microscopic doctors streaming through your veins, taking notes and reporting on what your body needs. All in real time?

It's coming.

Adriano Cavalcanti, from Australia's Monash University, created an army of such RoboDocs. Each is equipped with a transponder, allowing communication between bot and body.

He unleashed them into a diabetic's bloodstream, and observed them for thirty days.

Each time the patient's blood glucose levels spiked, the Body Bots were on it.

They sent an alarm signal, along with the current glucose concentration, to his cell phone.

Using his cell, he also could direct the nanorobots to measure blood pressure, or identify damaged tissue.

The technology could greatly improve health by keeping any imbalances in check. At the sound of the ring tone, the patient pops his prescription, and is good to go.

Sadly, there IS a catch:

The "bloodstream" his bots monitored was just a computer simulation, and nano-creatures do NOT yet exist.

But they WILL. And I CARE about you. So stay tuned.