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Cow Showers

Researchers reveal the showering preferences of cows.

Old MacDonald had a cow shower!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science

Saying, well! Dairy cows work hard; they're on their hooves ALL day. And when temperatures rise? Cows get cranky.

Heat stress costs dairies nine hundred million dollars each year in lost production. So most barns cool herds with mist-spraying machines.

It's long been known that cows like the cold shower-- But no one's ever looked at WHEN and WHERE cows like their cool-downs to occur.

So researchers at the University of California, Davis, built cow-sized showers with pressure-sensitive platforms activated when Flossie and crew step on them.

This shower of data gives animal scientists and dairy farmers a better idea of how to best keep their cows comfortable. And what did researchers find?

When given the choice, some cows liked to just take a quick shpritz. But others HOGGED the showers for as much as seven hours a day! Buttercup even asked for shower gel and a loofa. What a heifer!

But those are the sorts of cows that make Yoplait. At least that's what she said. Still testing.