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Bat Cave

It's built! Will they come?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, talking 'bout the world's first artificial hibernaculum for bats!

What’s a hibernaculum? Science speak for bat cave.  Plus it's fun to say.

Let's say you're a bat, and you're looking for the right cave to bed down in for the winter.  Look out! Hibernating bats are under attack by White Nose Syndrome, a lethal disease caused by a soil fungus that loves caves. Infected bats have white fuzz on their schnozzes, and once a cave becomes toxic, that’s forever.

Solution? Tennessee!

What?  Well . . . To save bats, conservationists there have built an underground concrete room the size of a mobile home. It traps cold air, which bats love, and contains textured places suitable for bat-snuggling. There is even a private entrance.

And, every summer, conservationists can bleach the whole cave, killing any disease-causing fungus left behind. Which means it will remain a safe place to roost.

Unlike "Nashville," a TV show called “Nashville Bats” would have a lot less drama.  Just sayin’.

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