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Jet Lagged

Finally--a surefire cure for jet lag!??

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.??

Everyone knows the conventional wisdom here: drink water; walk around; use earplugs, or a neck pillow, or a sleep mask.  But is there really any way to make up for crossing multiple time zones in just hours???

Commercial airlines hope so. They're using research on sleep, lighting, and cabin pressure to make passengers more comfortable in the air.??

A study by Boeing and the University of Oklahoma study tested different cabin pressures.  Some five hundred people sat in a simulation cabin for twenty hours.  They ate, slept, and watched bad movies--just like on a real flight.

Turns out people whose cabin pressure was set to six thousand feet above sea level felt better by the end than did people at ten thousand feet.  Folks at the lower altitude also performed better on various tests.

Whether different lighting or air pressure will help you perform better on various tests, like finding your luggage, we can't say.

More research is needed. Paging Boeing!

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