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Dancing with the Doctors

Move over, Dancing with the Stars!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, and an unusual dance contest.

Meet biologist-slash-journalist John Bohannon.  A few years ago, he wondered: Is there any fun way for doctoral students to answer the question, "So what's your PhD research about?"

Because, really, who wants to hear about transactinide compound nucleus reactions except the people who work on them?  But we can all enjoy a hula hooper catching glow-in-the-dark balls!

So he teamed up with Science magazine to sponsor the "Dance Your PhD" contest. Contestants translate their research into dance videos.  A panel of judges rates them and picks the winners in four fields: physics, chemistry, biology, and social sciences.

One winner from each field gets $500.  Plus the highest scorer overall gets an additional $500.

It's chemist Sarah Wilks who hula-hooped her way into the contest finals. But there are more.  To see the videos, Google "Dance Your PhD."  It's a science-inspired dance craze that could go viral!

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