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Chair Potato

Move over, Barcalounger—German engineers have kicked it up a notch!  Or 12!
This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.
And good news for Couch potatoes.  German engineers have a fitness solution that'll make your day.
It's an innovative device that looks like and feels like a normal armchair, but is so much more. It's called the GEWOS.
The GEWOS has circuit boards and a microsystem built into its seat, back, and armrests. This system continually monitors your vitals: weight, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood pressure--even your posture! Then a built-in virtual health assistant uses the data to come up with a personalized exercise plan for you.
This will involve rowing, because the GEWOS can turn itself into a rowing machine. Its armrests become oars and a foot support pops out below the seat. Suggested exercises are shown on your TV; while you work out, the chair monitors your vitals to make sure you're getting the maximum benefit.
This chair is no La-Z-Boy!  It’s like sitting on Richard Simmons’ lap!  In a rowboat. With a TV. Sort of.

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