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Is the urge to exercise genetic?

Has science identified the Slacker gene?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Researchers at the University of Missouri say laziness may be genetic.

Frank Booth is a professor at the university’s vet school.  He put lab rats in cages and watched their activity.  Specifically, how much each voluntarily ran on its exercise wheel.

He singled out the most gung-ho wheel runners and bred them to each other.  He also singled out the least energetic and bred them.

He bred the offspring of the top runners to each other.  Ditto for the slackers.  He kept breeding both types, for ten generations.  By then the runner rats were ten times more exercise prone than the couch potatoes.

Finally, he collected tissue samples from the last generation.  He extracted RNA from each sample and ran genetic tests to compare the samples’ genes.

Result?  Thirty-six genes showed notable differences in the two rat types.

Further genetic analysis may explain why some humans prefer exercise more than others.

I prefer exercise, as long as it's done by rats ... but that’s just me.

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