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Archeologists unearth many pyramids in what is now Sudan

Have archeologists unearthed the first great pyramid scheme?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Egypt’s great pyramids were tombs only for pharaohs.  But in Sudan, Egypt’s southern neighbor?  Pyramid democracy!

Archeologists in Sedeinga, Sudan, have been excavating a burial site, or necropolis.  It’s one hundred twenty miles from the Egyptian border.  Excavations started in the 1960s, on princely pyramids of the ancient kingdom of Kush.

But recently, French archeologists, working on another section, unearthed less princely oddities:  Squares everywhere, packed together!

What were they?  Eroded, mud-brick foundations of many small pyramids!  Some only a few feet across!  Each containing a grave!

To understand them, the archeologists examined one tomb’s carvings, written in ancient Merotic—the language of the region two millennia ago.

The archeologists concluded that the residents were influenced by Egyptian architecture, but not by its snootiness.  Whoever could afford a pyramid?  Built one!

The findings could advance knowledge of ancient Sudanese culture.

Or at least its daddies and mummies.  Sorry.

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