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You'll be amazed by how injustice affects our senses

This just in:  A bad boss can be good for you!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, saying, or at least good for your senses of taste and smell.

Meet Daniel Skarlicki from the University of British Columbia. 

He had volunteers recall a fair or unfair work situation; afterward, they rated how strong a certain food tasted.  Subjects who recalled unfair work situations rated their food tasting as much as ten percent stronger.

In a follow-up, volunteers were shown clips from the UK version of The Office.  These featured either unfair or neutral situations.  This too was followed by a snack.  Here, those who'd seen the unfair situations reported stronger taste sensations.

Per Skarlicki, loss of dignity or respect can trigger a human alarm system.  That heightens awareness, including the sense of taste.

That explains why waiters at fancy restaurants are so rude.   It's for our own enjoyment.

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