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Do pictures help kids learn better?

To teach kids math, why not use pictures?  Well . . .

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Sometimes pictures are added to lessons to make learning more fun.  But does it work? Psychologists at Ohio State University decided to see.

They taught one hundred and twenty K- through second graders to read bar graphs.  The graphs showed the number of shoes in a lost and found, over five weeks.  Each bar represented one week.  Each bar’s height represented the number of shoes.  Values were clearly labeled.

But surprise!  There were three versions!  Some children saw a plain graph.  Others saw bars filled with a stack of shoes.  Shoe counts matched each bar’s value.  A third group saw bars with shoe numbers that didn’t match the bars' values. 

They then tested each child with new graphs whose bars contained many dots or lines. 

And?  Children taught with plain graphs read the graphs correctly! C hildren with fancier graphs tried to count the objects inside the bars.  Meaning they didn't understand the bar graph concept.

However, all knew where Waldo was, though.  So that’s something.

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