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How to add spice to meals . . . without adding spices!

Want food to taste better?  Add a generous shake of . . . ritual!
This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Meet psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs.  The way she adds sugar to her espresso is kind of a ritual:  Shaking the packet, adding a little, tasting, adding more.  She wondered if such rituals affect how people perceive food.  So she and colleagues conducted a few experiments.

The researchers had some volunteers follow a list of chocolate-eating instructions before partaking … opening the package a certain way, breaking some off . . . in other words, a ritual.  Others were told to just relax and munch away.

Turns out, the volunteers who performed the “ritual” found the chocolate tastier than did the non-ritual group.  The ritualists were even inclined to pay more for it!  But the ritual had to be related to the food; when people performed random movements before eating chocolate, it didn't taste any better.

The ritual also can't just be observed:  Watching someone mix lemonade ritualistically has little effect.  You have to take up the spoon yourself.

As for throwing salt over your left shoulder?  That's just common sense!  It you want to be lucky.  Which I do.

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