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How fatherhood affects CEOs will surprise you!

Does fatherhood make a man more generous—or less?

This is Sandra Tsing Loh, with the Loh Down on Science, saying it depends.

Danish researchers studied the generosity of CEOs at over 10,000 companies.  They found that male CEOs generally gave themselves a raise after becoming fathers—especially if the little nipper was a son.  Maybe the thought of all those dance lessons, Game Boys, and Ivy League diplomas made them want to sock away more.

But how did their employees fare?  Overall, CEOs paid their employees less after becoming fathers–about $100 per worker, per year!

But–surprise!  Top dogs who fathered girls were less Scrooge-like—especially first-time fathers.   Baby girls, it seems, tend to soften a guy up.  And, female employees generally fared better after their boss fathered a child of either gender.

This finding supports previous studies that suggest a CEO’s values directly influence his corporate policies.

So, if you get a raise along with your CEO’s bundle of joy—thank heaven for little girls!  As for your male boss and his wife, thank them too.  Some.

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