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These factors affecting how much wine we drink may surprise you

Hey wine lovers:  Here are some surprises to pore over.   

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

Meet researchers from Iowa State and Cornell universities.  They asked volunteers to pour “normal” glasses of wine under various conditions.  What they found was there was no normal definition of “normal.”  How much we pour is affected by several factors. 

One such factor?  Glass width.  People poured more wine into a wide glass than a standard glass.  That’s because pourers tend to focus on the vertical height of the liquid, ignoring how far that liquid has spread out.  Also?  Pourers put more into a glass in someone's hand than one just sitting on a table.

Wine color was also a factor.  Turns out people will pour more white wine than red wine into a clear glass.  That’s because red wine's greater contrast to the glass makes it easier to see. 

So, if you want to drink less, just pour red wine into a narrow, white-wine glass.  Or let the bartender do it on the bar.  Trust me, they never over pour.

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