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Australia makes up for an unfortunate research oversight

Does science adequately research dragons? 

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science, saying:

We're talking flying, fire-breathing dragons.  Think Game of Thrones.  Or The Hobbit.

Australia’s national science research agency, CSIRO, recently addressed this question.  Why?  Because a 7-year-old girl from Brisbane named Sophie asked.

See, Sophie had begged her parents for a dragon.  Her parents said “Sorry dahlin', but no.”

That disappointed Sophie.  So her dad suggested she write to CSIRO about dragons.

Sophie’s letter began, “Hello Lovely Scientist.”  It was not to be ignored.

The agency wrote back, admitting its research on mythical dragons was deficient.  In fact, it said, “For this, Australia, we are sorry.”  Then, scientists at the agency went a step further.  Using best estimates, and imagination, they drafted measurements for a flying dragon, as if it were real.

They fed the data into a 3D printer. It generated a titanium, iridescent-blue dragon for Sophie.  She named it "Toothless."  It fits in her hand.  Sophie now wants to become a scientist!  

And who wouldn't?  They're indeed lovely.  Good on ya, mates!

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