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Ballsy Bees

Iida Loukola

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GOOOAL! Get your vuvuzelas out for this buzz!

This is Sandra Tsing Loh with the Loh Down on Science.

It’s not hard to learn new tricks when you have a big brain. But what if you’re a bug with a tiny brain?

Scientists at Queen Mary University of London wondered. So they challenged some buff-tailed bumblebees to a game of soccer. So do bees have brawn AND brains?

Researchers trained bees to roll a ball to a goal. How? By offering a sweet treat! Bees that rolled balls in were pro bees.

Some bees watched the pros. Other bees watched balls moving on their own with magnets. Some bees didn’t get any clues. Then, the spectators got their shot at the goal.

How did they do? In almost every trial, bees that watched the pros scored. They even found shortcuts! Only a few scored when they did not watch a pro or get clues. Watching the magnet didn't help their game at all.

Even with a tiny brain, bees can learn from each other!

So coach, forget the A-team! Put in the BEE-team!