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Eighteen Wheelers

Huge freight trucks are now being used to MAKE energy - even as they burn it.

Love vs. Hate

Brain scans reveal the neurological differences between love and hate.

Bacterial Motion

Scientists learn the secret of bacterial movement.


Pigs would rather earn their keep than freeload.

Fish Talk

The deep-sea origins of chit-chat.

Church Air

Stained glass church windows, painted with gold, literally clear the air when lit by sunlight.

Fibber Crabs

In nature, dishonesty can be the best policy when it comes to survival.

Video Violence

Good news! Violent video games won't make you aggressive if you're naturally relaxed. But you're already crazy? Well...

Wall Street Pirates

Who's to blame for Wall Street's meltdown? How about... pirates?

The Lost Chord

Mathematics unmasks the fifth Beatle.