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Hug a Chimp

In chimps, as in humans, more hugs mean fewer tears.

Gene for Spite

Researchers find a gene linked to dumb aggression.

Beetle Bots

Government-sponsored scientists discover how to remotely control beetle bodies.

Hairy Food

The newest green fertilizer: "hair-waste cubes."

Water Jets

With the help of some hairy mathematics, fluid dynamicists explain nature's very own squirt gun.

Aspirin Inside

Out of aspirin? Your body's got it covered.

Head Banging

Concerns about the state of Beavis and Butt-head's neurological health.

Dog Aggression

Surveying the nicest, and nastiest, dogs.

Tiny Toes

Scientists explain our tiny toes.

Coffee Fuel

Fill 'er up – with coffee grounds.