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Getting Along

Worried that your kids won't share? They'll learn to, and the social benefits of fairness, too.

Buzz Kill

Sobriety, in capsule form.


A new wax paper made from cinnamon promises to keep your Wonder bread wonderfully mold-free.

Micro Microscope

A Caltech scientist builds a microscope so small it could fit into your iPod.

Hey Good Lookin'

Tipsy volunteers rate strangers as more attractive than do teetotalers.

Bovine Magnetism

Scientists find the first hard evidence that large mammals, maybe even humans, can sense Earth's magnetic field.

Collection Plate

Psychologists say that just thinking about a higher power can convince people to give and give.


Scientists find we're far more likely to listen to computer help assistants if they talk to us nicely.

Toilet Talk

Scientists are investigating an unusual, but strangely appropriate, cure for the trots.


Want to be sure you've made the right decision? Just MAKE one. You'll convince yourself it was correct.