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House Beer

A crafty microbe can turn any plant material - grass, branches, even the wood from your porch - into beer.

Ol' Blue Eyes

Researchers find that the lowly scallop sees far more than you'd like to believe.

Balancing Act

For most of us, walking is automatic, but to the elderly, it really does require some thought.


Someday, an Australian scientist says, diabetics' blood sugar may be monitored by an army of microscopic robo-docs, streaming through their veins.

Lucky Ducky

Scientists track shrinking glaciers and global warming with... rubber ducks.

Drummer Workout

Forget jogging. For a REAL workout? Bang on your drum all day.

Squid Ears

Scientists adapt a technique for testing hearing in babies to eavesdrop on the secret lives of squid.

Getting Along

Worried that your kids won't share? They'll learn to, and the social benefits of fairness, too.

Buzz Kill

Sobriety, in capsule form.


A new wax paper made from cinnamon promises to keep your Wonder bread wonderfully mold-free.