Recently on The Loh Down On Science

Tongue Drive

The tongue drive offers independence to the disabled.

Fear Factor

That look of fear may save your life.

Fir Coats

Why don't evergreen trees get cold? Because they're wearing fir coats! Seriously.

Remote Control

A sophisticated new mathematical model takes the grunt work out of making... remote controls.

Ruthless Genes

A gene that makes us behave badly.

Plastic Blood

The new word in blood? Plastics.

Web Designer

When it comes to decorating, black widows can be, oh... a bit moody.

Airplane, Heal Thyself

Goo-embedded fabric helps airplanes help themselves.

Little Heathers

Girls are NOT less competitive than boys, but use different tactics to get ahead.

Croc Talk

Baby crocs call to their mama -- while still in the egg.