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Stressed Moms

The benefits of stress, in pregnant birds.

Bug Spray

Scientists finally figure out why bugs hate insect spray. It smells bad!

Fuzzy Writing

Far from a bad thing, our online time-wasting is helping to preserve historical documents.

Feathers Your Nest

The latest in feathering the nest: homes built from chicken. Feathers, that is.

Solar Cells

New high-quality solar panels, as thin as film negatives, could be attached to any material. Picture... power-generating pants!

Political Biology

Scientists discover a link between physiology and political beliefs.

Bird Bombs

Gray partridges use unusual tactics to thwart predators.

The Shadow Knows

A new technique can identify individuals using only their shadow.

Hearts on the Mend

A Harvard cardiac surgeon says video game technology offers a better way to fix a broken heart.

Gym Socks

Genetic testing using sweaty socks.