Recently on The Loh Down On Science

Bird Bombs

Gray partridges use unusual tactics to thwart predators.

The Shadow Knows

A new technique can identify individuals using only their shadow.

Hearts on the Mend

A Harvard cardiac surgeon says video game technology offers a better way to fix a broken heart.

Gym Socks

Genetic testing using sweaty socks.

Cow Showers

Researchers reveal the showering preferences of cows.

Tarzan ... or Jane?

Chimps are remarkably savvy at determining the gender of other chimps, using just their faces. But only with chimps they know.

Stink Bed

What we SMELL can influence our dreams.

Bee Movie

Researchers traumatize bees with hidden robotic spiders - for science!

House Beer

A crafty microbe can turn any plant material - grass, branches, even the wood from your porch - into beer.

Ol' Blue Eyes

Researchers find that the lowly scallop sees far more than you'd like to believe.