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A new laser technique takes the drill out of dentistry.

Warrior Stance

Weirdly enough, human body language is surprisingly universal.

Bowling for Turkeys

Why so many turkeys? Don't blame Thanksgiving; we're talking BOWLING turkeys - three strikes in a row. The culprit? Rough balls.

Fly Swatting

Finally! Caltech scientists reveal why flies are so darned hard to swat.

Creepy Eyes

A "smart" – although disturbingly alien-looking – contact lens offers help to glaucoma patients.

Boys Club

Global warming spells more than bad news for female tuataras. It means extinction.

Karaoke Idol

Researchers discover that singing is a surprisingly universal skill.

Rubber Robot

The newest stretch of the imagination? Rubbery electronics.

Eau de Toilette

Researchers discover the genetic secrets behind dirt's "earthy" smell.

Dog Yawns

Yawns are more contagious than you thought. Even your DOG is susceptible.