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Scientists find we're far more likely to listen to computer help assistants if they talk to us nicely.

Toilet Talk

Scientists are investigating an unusual, but strangely appropriate, cure for the trots.


Want to be sure you've made the right decision? Just MAKE one. You'll convince yourself it was correct.

Angry Elephants

What makes an elephant see red? The COLOR red.

Navy Seals

Sensors glued to the heads of elephant seals are giving researchers an unprecedented amount of data about conditions underneath the icy polar regions.
Mercer 8805


UC Berkeley scientists find a way to make objects disappear.

Fear Stinks

Researchers discover a special patch of cells that let animals smell fear.

Chili Chemistry

Scientists discover how chilis turn up the heat.

Fang Fever

Researcher Freek Vonk finds the evolutionary origins of all snake fangs.

Healing Drool

A new compound that speeds healing has been found in human spit.