Recently on The Loh Down On Science

Fear Stinks

Researchers discover a special patch of cells that let animals smell fear.

Chili Chemistry

Scientists discover how chilis turn up the heat.

Fang Fever

Researcher Freek Vonk finds the evolutionary origins of all snake fangs.

Healing Drool

A new compound that speeds healing has been found in human spit.

Bee Steps

Saving the world's bee populations, as simple as a footbath?

Sound of Light

Caltech neuroscientists find individuals who "hear" movement.


A new laser technique takes the drill out of dentistry.

Warrior Stance

Weirdly enough, human body language is surprisingly universal.

Bowling for Turkeys

Why so many turkeys? Don't blame Thanksgiving; we're talking BOWLING turkeys - three strikes in a row. The culprit? Rough balls.

Fly Swatting

Finally! Caltech scientists reveal why flies are so darned hard to swat.