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Sound of Light

Caltech neuroscientists find individuals who "hear" movement.


A new laser technique takes the drill out of dentistry.

Warrior Stance

Weirdly enough, human body language is surprisingly universal.

Bowling for Turkeys

Why so many turkeys? Don't blame Thanksgiving; we're talking BOWLING turkeys - three strikes in a row. The culprit? Rough balls.

Fly Swatting

Finally! Caltech scientists reveal why flies are so darned hard to swat.

Creepy Eyes

A "smart" – although disturbingly alien-looking – contact lens offers help to glaucoma patients.

Boys Club

Global warming spells more than bad news for female tuataras. It means extinction.

Karaoke Idol

Researchers discover that singing is a surprisingly universal skill.

Rubber Robot

The newest stretch of the imagination? Rubbery electronics.

Eau de Toilette

Researchers discover the genetic secrets behind dirt's "earthy" smell.