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Hair Transplants

A robotic end to male-pattern baldness.

Day of the Locust

Scientists learn the ugly truth about locust plagues.


Where do skatebaords go after they can't be used anymore? Maybe, your backyard.

Algae Computer

You may someday have a computer with chips from the ocean.

Wasabi Alarm

How a lump of wasabi may someday save your life.

Cooler Moms make more milk

Cooler mouse mommies produce more milk and bigger offspring.

Venus the Designer

A new morphing plastic material is modeled after the Venus flytrap.

Hair & Ozone

Score one for the well coiffed: cleaned and conditioned hair fights air pollution.

Sea Monkey Death

A fast new way to get rid of unwanted passengers on boats: Nuke 'em.

If I Only Had a Heart

Swiss researchers show robots have hearts, in a manner of speaking.