Recently on The Loh Down On Science

Ouchless Needle

A new technology takes the bite out of shots.

Garbage Sorter

Recycling? The hyperspectral camera makes sorting a snap.

Fly on the Wall

Being dumb has its own rewards - at least if you're a fly.

Smarty Pants

A wearable blood pressure monitoring system.

Party Chat

Neuroscientists discover the brain region that banishes babble.

Space Worm

Scientists unveil a super-hard organic material, courtesy of burrowing marine worms.


Scratch 'n' sniff technology combined with fabric means mere movement triggers a burst of scented freshness.

Snow Fleas

This odd little bug could someday save lives.

Chances Are...

Think you'll win the lottery? You're better off betting on an asteroid.

Tiny Bubbles

Scientists whip up a froth of very small, but incredibly useful, bubbles.