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Fir Coats

Why don't evergreen trees get cold? Because they're wearing fir coats! Seriously.

Remote Control

A sophisticated new mathematical model takes the grunt work out of making... remote controls.

Ruthless Genes

A gene that makes us behave badly.

Plastic Blood

The new word in blood? Plastics.

Web Designer

When it comes to decorating, black widows can be, oh... a bit moody.

Airplane, Heal Thyself

Goo-embedded fabric helps airplanes help themselves.

Little Heathers

Girls are NOT less competitive than boys, but use different tactics to get ahead.

Croc Talk

Baby crocs call to their mama -- while still in the egg.

Cooking with Mirrors

A new solar cooker solves the logistical problems of cooking in Tibet.


Do duck quacks REALLY not echo?