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Mood Pen

A new gizmo lets your emotions flow through your writing.

Vin de Poo

Protecting wine, one wasp at a time...

Crab Shuffle

Bustin' a move, crab style.

Looks Can Kill

New software offers people with extreme motor disabilities an entry into the world of online video gaming.

Bombin' Beetles

Scientists see opportunity in this beetle's, ahem, behind.

Don't Blame Mom

Who's to blame when black bears go bad?

Swimming in Goo

Minnesota scientists study whether swimmers move faster in water or glop -- with surprising results.

The Age of Your Face

You can't fool this computer program.

Penguin Waddle

To improve the gait of human-like robots, science turns to... the penguin?

Equal Opportunity Fertilizer

Researchers explore ways to turn stem cells from either sex into sperm.