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Algae Computer

You may someday have a computer with chips from the ocean.

Wasabi Alarm

How a lump of wasabi may someday save your life.

Cooler Moms make more milk

Cooler mouse mommies produce more milk and bigger offspring.

Venus the Designer

A new morphing plastic material is modeled after the Venus flytrap.

Hair & Ozone

Score one for the well coiffed: cleaned and conditioned hair fights air pollution.

Sea Monkey Death

A fast new way to get rid of unwanted passengers on boats: Nuke 'em.

If I Only Had a Heart

Swiss researchers show robots have hearts, in a manner of speaking.

Babbling Birds

Researchers identify the part of the brain that controls babbling.

Beam Me Up

A cell phone to take the pain out of mammograms.

Fish Heads

Oxygen deprivation makes fish heads smaller. Surprisingly, it's good for the fish.