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Real Estate Boom! Part One: Van Nuys, We Hardly Knew Ye

Sandra ponders the impact of gentrification on her neighborhood's Clamato billboards.

Partisan Ships That Pass in the Night

Die-hard Democrat Sandra imagines a relationship with an imaginary counterpart in Texas.

Family Friendly Viewing

The FCC is worried about sex and violence on TV, but in Sandra's house, the threat comes from Disney movies: cuckoo clocks, talking mirrors, and James Woods's voice as any woodland creature.

What Canada Means to Me

On Canada Day, Sandra reminisces about her old Toronto boyfriend, the rock-and-roll bagpipes player.

Atkins Unplugged - Part Two: The Crash

After a few days of the Atkins Diet, Sandra starts hallucinating cornfields and suet.

Atkins Unplugged - Part One: The Rise

Sandra finally gets a chance to read the Atkins Diet book.