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Sandra thinks she's found a perfect second companion for her husband.

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After an extensive effort, Sandra tracks down her celebrity target.

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Sandra Tsing Loh continues her pursuit of the Mary Poppins star.

Stalking Julie Andrews Part Two: Half Magic

Sandra finds she'll need a little bit of Mary Poppins magic to see the movie star at the LA Times Festival of Books.

Stalking David Robertson: Part One, Crown Prince...of PBS

Sandra tries to keep up with her dad's expectations - and his PBS schedule.

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Sandra Tsing Loh laments the end of jury duty.

Jury Duty, Part Two: Working Girl

Sandra shows up for jury duty - and so does a celebrity.

Rockin' the Jury Duty, Part One: The Artful Dodger

Sandra runs out of excuses for avoiding jury duty.

The Red Wheelbarrow

Sandra wonders whether to blame her public or private school education for a literary gaffe.

Menopause: The Musical

Sandra faces the realities of life in the forty-something-lane.