Recently on The Loh Life

Principal For a Day

Sandra plays principal at Van Nuys High School.

Gone Completely Dental

Sandra finds her way back to the dentist's chair after a long period of procrastination.

C Rating

Sandra isn't scared off by the health department ratings of some local Chinese eateries.

It's Just Lunch!

Sandra isn't impressed with what 21st century dating has to offer.

AM Drivetime Personality

Sandra discovers a new side to her personality as she's forced to wake up at dawn.

Faces of Compassion

Sandra continues her campaign to make rest homes more restful.

Convalescent Home Chops, Part One: Church Lady

Sandra contemplates the unwritten expectations of living wills.


The new puzzle game Sudoku is putting a crimp in Sandra's family life.

My Pyrenees

Sandra looks to Lance Armstrong for inspiration on how to get her family out the door quicker each morning.


The neighborhood is becoming just a little too noisy for Sandra.