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The neighborhood is becoming just a little too noisy for Sandra.

Plane Geometry

Sandra joins the ranks of the many "white knuckle" fliers.

Taggin' Part Two: Shout Out to My Crew

Sandra continues her quest to make Van Nuys Boulevard graffiti-free.

Middle Class Taggin' Part One: Snarl

Sandra finds her admiration for artistic expression doesn't extend to a mini-mart on Van Nuys Boulevard.

Homesteaders Part One: Wee Heather o' Sepulveda

Sandra has ideas for a cooler, hipper Van Nuys.


Sandra greets the end of multiculturalism in the arts with mixed emotions.

Travel Writing

Sandra goes on a no-frills camping adventure for a local newspaper - and has the photos to prove it.

Regalia Fever

Sandra gets wrapped up in the grandeur of commencement while speaking to graduating students at Cal Tech.

El Casa de Ronaldo

Sandra puts in her two cents on the issue of illegal immigration.

Elementary Conclusion

Sandra struggles to make peace with the public school system.