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Hot Mamas

Sandra finds school scores aren't a hip topic as she's forced to divulge the hot new trend among LA mothers.


Sandra is ready to step out of the melting pot.

SAT Essay Question

Sandra ventures into the mind of a high school student taking the new version of the SAT.

The Golden Bidet

Sandra is "bowled" over by the annual Spring Design issue of the LA Times Magazine.

If You Can't Stand the Heat...

Sandra puts equality in marriage to the test.

Fear and Loathing and the O'Reilly Factor

Sandra tries to stay positive about a conservative commentator's new book while giving homage to the passing of a famous writer.

Alternate Universe

Short of time, Sandra abstains from the LA Times.

Open House, Part Three

Sandra's quest to find a good school for her children is making her head spin...literally.

Open House, Part Two

Sandra ponders self promotion by real estate agents and the ever-present "Realtor Hair."

Open House, Part One

Sandra Tsing Loh goes into panic mode as she, once again, debates school options for her kindergartener.