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Alternate Universe

Short of time, Sandra abstains from the LA Times.

Open House, Part Three

Sandra's quest to find a good school for her children is making her head spin...literally.

Open House, Part Two

Sandra ponders self promotion by real estate agents and the ever-present "Realtor Hair."

Open House, Part One

Sandra Tsing Loh goes into panic mode as she, once again, debates school options for her kindergartener.


Sandra mourns the intersection of rising real estate prices and education.

Movie Roundup

Sandra jumps into the movie review biz...temporarily.

Chunder Road

Sandra takes a pass on all the New Year's revelry.


Sandra is getting dizzy trying to keep all the holiday cultural traditions straight.

The Hippo

Upset by the news of the past year, Sandra loses herself in "geezer rock."

Christmas Show Workers

Sandra says the holiday season is a boon for many live performers, but not so sweet for ballerinas.