Recently on The Loh Life

Thanksgiving Prayer

Sandra ponders the gods we should be thanking on Thanksgiving.


Sandra has got the post-election "blues."

The Storm

Sandra is enlightened after being left in the dark.

Stiffy the Ghost

Sandra's unusual adventure in Halloween decorating.


Sandra bemoans being passed over -- again -- by the Nobel Prize committee.

Political Resignation

Besieged by political solicitations, Sandra wants out of the campaign.

The Millionaire Mom Next Door

Sandra makes a surprising discovery about one of the moms in pre-school.

School Days, Part Four

Shopping for a neighborhood with good schools, Sandra runs into the financial reality of her favorite, La Canada.

School Days, Part Three

Sandra ponders the public, private and magnet school options.

School Days, Part Two

Sandra continues her struggle to find the best place to live that will have the best schools.