Part Four: Mouse Trappings
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Eighty-sixed: Lazarus -part 2

Sadra Tsing Loh's 89-year old father refuses to go to the emergency room and insists on going to his singing class instead.

Eighty-sixed: the undead- part 1

Sandra Tsing Loh finds herself crossing a bridge she thought she would never have to cross.

Misssion impossible: Shantytown of foam- part 2

Sandra Tsing Loh goes to Michael's arts and craft store in search for foam core, but ends up buying all kinds of foam.

Mission Impossible: the competition - part 1

Sandra Tsing Loh helps her fourth-grade daughter build a California mission.

Curb our enthusiasm: conclusion- face time

Sandra Tsing Loh... lunch with Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David, and the dilemma -- to eat or not to eat?

Curb our enthusiasm: cobb salad- part 3

Sandra Tsing Loh is psyched when Jerry Seinfield decides to order a cobb salad for lunch.