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School Days, Part One: My Carmel

Thoughts of better schools for her daughters prompt Sandra to think about moving away from Van Nuys.

Republican Party

Sandra knows she's elitist, but she can't bring herself to watch the Republican convention.s

Olympics Part Three

Sandra finds herself growing weary of the Olympics.

Olympics Part Two

Reflections of a low-carb couch potato.

Olympics Part One

Sandra gets in the Olympic spirit.

Kennel Cough

A cautionary tale about pet boarding.

Real Estate Boom! Part Two: Upscalin'

Sandra of upscale Van Nuys thumbs her nose at Echo Park's goateed hipsters.

Real Estate Boom! Part One: Van Nuys, We Hardly Knew Ye

Sandra ponders the impact of gentrification on her neighborhood's Clamato billboards.

Partisan Ships That Pass in the Night

Die-hard Democrat Sandra imagines a relationship with an imaginary counterpart in Texas.

Family Friendly Viewing

The FCC is worried about sex and violence on TV, but in Sandra's house, the threat comes from Disney movies: cuckoo clocks, talking mirrors, and James Woods's voice as any woodland creature.