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Sandra Tsing Loh turns the clocks back to save some time in the morning.

Not the top of the morning, part one: forks that sing

Sandra Tsing Loh talks about her struggles to get her daughter out of bed every morning.

Advertising Age

Sandra Tsing Loh gets some exercise while thinking about advertisements... and knee surgery.Perhaps it’s the cold front that greets me each morning in my kitchen, causing me to think: “This is new—it’s California, and my house has WEATHER in it.

Roses: Part Two, Poop and Circumstance

Sandra Tsing Loh has a problem when "nature calls" at the Rose Parade.Parades make me sullen. At last year’s Rose Parade, I had my children and their cousins to blame for having to be somewhere at the crack of dawn on New Year’s morning.

Roses: Part One, Parade Fever

Sandra Tsing Loh ends up seeing the Rose Parade in-person... again.As if in a dream, I found myself at 6:30 in the morning on New Year’s Day sitting on a bleacher waiting for the Rose Parade.

1000 Points of Light

Sandra Tsing Loh...As we sit on the cusp of a new year—“Lucky 2013!” as I like to call it—I’m going for some fresh perceptions and attitudes.I am so happy that I’ve just turned 50, which I consider a kind of cosmic oil change, my odometer cleansed with zeroes.

Oh, Christmas Tree

This holiday season has been tough.

Have A Very Merry Doomsday!

Sandra Tsing Loh is thankful if the world ends this week.I’m going to be honest. Upon contemplating The Mayan Calendar’s termination, and the potential end of the world— scheduled for this Thursday!— I’m experiencing not terror, but a mild sense of relief.

The Frickin' Holidays

Sandra Tsing Loh's Thanksgiving meal isn't for everyone.I don’t know how it happened. There was daylight savings— It’s freakishly SUNNY in the morning now— And fairly hot in Southern California— And then suddenly it’s here: Christmas! In fact, this year it seemed it was Christmas before it was Halloween— There were snow-flocked trees at CVS lowering over pumpkins— I just saw New Year’s decorations on sale— Is it time to buy fireworks? Will St.

Nine Lives, Part 3: Cat Insurance

Sandra Tsing Loh welcomes home her daughter's cat.Listen. I know Americans spend more than 50 billion dollars a year on their pets, which is like the gross domestic product of Bulgaria.