The Madeleine Brand Show for September 20, 2010

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UCLA Student Fees

It’s the first day of school for the more than 200,000 students who attend University of California campuses. And this year, they’re paying more for their higher education. Last spring, the UC Regents increased tuition by $2500, in response to cuts in state funding. There were lots of student protests over the fees, which increase tuition costs about about 30 per cent.
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The River

Thirty years ago the paths of James Ventrillo and Nancy Rigg literally crossed at the Los Angeles River. Neither would be the same again. It was 1980. Nancy and her fiancé, Earl Higgins, were taking a walk across a footbridge that spanned the river. It had been the first clear day after a series of violent rain storms. The river was high and moving fast – a rare sight in L.A. They stopped to look at the water and saw – to their horror – a young boy had just fallen in. Earl ran to the water’s edge and tried to save him. He did, but was pulled in, too. Earl wasn’t able to save himself. No one else could, either.
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Strange Tips For Studying That Actually Work

Students heading back to school, listen up. What you’ve been told about studying is wrong. Camping out in one quiet location, going over material again and again in large undisturbed blocks of time – this may actually be the wrong approach to learning facts and figures. Sanden Totten chats with Madeleine about some unconventional tricks for getting the most out of your cramming sessions. NOTE: In the piece Sanden says Nate Kornell is from Mitchell College. He is actually a professor with Williams College.
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The Defense Bill Has a Little Something For Everyone

Next year's Defense Authorization bill has a couple of extras for student immigrants and gay rights advocates. Attached to the bill is the DREAM Act and a repeal of Don't Ask, Don't Tell. The Senate is scheduled to take up the matter this week.
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Luke Burbank on What's 'Awesome, Not Awesome'

Thanks to the internet, people now have access to more news than ever before. So, how do you organize all this news? How do you determine what's good and what's bad?
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The Toronto Film Festival Kicks-Off Oscar Season

The Toronto Film Festival wrapped up this weekend. And this year's big winner was 'The King's Speech.' It stars Colin Firth as King George the sixth, who suffers from a speech impediment.
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