The Madeleine Brand Show for September 21, 2010

An Unfiltered View of the Mexican Drug War

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Jesus Alcazar/AFP/Getty Images

A member of the Mexican police looks into a pick up truck in Ciudad Juarez, on March 25, 2010, where two corpses were found.

El Diario, the biggest newspaper in Juarez decided to stop covering the Mexican drug war. The paper said it has become too dangerous to do so after an attack that left one staff member dead and the other seriously wounded. In this growing climate of violence many Mexicans are turning to websites like Blog del Narco.

Boing Boing guest blogger Raul Gutierrez was granted the rare opportunity to interview the author of Blog del Narco. Anonymously, the young man behind this blog publishes grisly details of the drug war in Northern Mexico. Gutierrez shares what he learned about the harsh realities of the drug war.

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