The Madeleine Brand Show for September 21, 2010

Mercer 10503

The Recession is Dead

You no doubt caught the news – according to the National Bureau of Economic Research, the recession is over. Put away your worries about a double-dip. Because if things go from bad to worse, that downturn will be a whole new recession.
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An Unfiltered View of the Mexican Drug War

El Diario, the biggest newspaper in Juarez decided to stop covering the Mexican drug war. The paper said it has become too dangerous to do so after an attack that left one staff member dead and the other seriously wounded. In this growing climate of violence many Mexicans are turning to websites like Blog del Narco.
Mercer 10507

Parenting On The Edge: Do Parents Overreact About Their Kid's Safety?

When do you let your child walk to school, to the store, or to a friend’s house all by himself or herself without supervision? A lot of parents are anxious at the very thought. And yet, parents remember fondly that as children, they themselves roamed unsupervised for hours at a time.
Mercer 10502

The Origins of Gaga

Lady Gaga is making headlines by hosting a rally to support the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. She has been vocal on this and other issues important to the gay community.
Mercer 10505

How Do You Watch Television?

There seems to be hundreds of ways we can watch TV today. People can use Apple TV, TiVo, NetFlix, stream it online using Hulu or other online TV channels and now Google TV is coming up. Why is this so popular? The main reason for viewers is convenience: we can watch what we want when we want it.
Mercer 10504

New Music Tuesday

It’s Tuesday and time to talk about new music releases. For his new album, artist John Legend collaborated with the hip-hop band The Roots and focuses on period anthems of the Civil Rights Movement.
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