The Madeleine Brand Show for September 22, 2010

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For Whom the Bell Tolls - City of Bell Scandal Recap

Yesterday, eight former City of Bell officials, including City Manager Robert Rizzo, were taken into custody. It's the latest development in the scandal that has made national headlines for gross misuse of city funds.
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Weird LA - Clare Graham's Studio in Highland Park

We plan on having a regular feature on the show we're calling Weird L.A. There is a lot of weirdness here... and that's a good thing. We're going to meet unusual characters and go to strange places.
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Health Care Reforms Go into Effect

On Thursday, parts of the health care overhaul law go into effect. For starters, insurers can no longer deny coverage to sick children and children can stay on their parent's plan until age 26.
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When Will California Pass the Budget?

It’s day 84. That’s how long the state of California has been operating without a budget. But it seems like there’s little outrage among the public, even though the legislature has now set a record for budget procrastination.
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Betting on a Losing Horse

California is poised to pass a little bit of legislation that could make some big changes in the world of racing. SB 10.72 is the bill and if the governor signs it California would be the first state to let gamblers win big if they bet on a losing horse.
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The Sounds of Silence in Santa Monica

Construction at the Santa Monica Airport has stopped flights into the area for the week. Some residents have noticed the sudden silence and find it a welcome relief.
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Julia Glass and 'The Widower's Tale'

Julia Glass has been dubbed the literary world's Cinderella. She became a novelist in her mid-forties and won the prestigious National Book Award for her novel 'Three Junes.'
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The Dinner Party Download and the Zeitgeist

The Dinner Party Download is one of the most popular audio podcasts on iTunes. It is broadcast weekly on 20 radio stations in the Upper Midwest and twice a weekend in Los Angeles.
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