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Miss Blankenship Back From the Dead

Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) and Miss Blankenship (Randee Heller) in
Peggy Olson (Elisabeth Moss) and Miss Blankenship (Randee Heller) in "Mad Men."
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The internets have been abuzz with the recent death of Miss Blankenship on the hit cable television show "Mad Men." Miss Blankenship was comic relief for most of this season as Don Draper’s crotchety, decidedly UN-sexy secretary in an office full of glamour girls.

Alas, another beloved cable TV character goes into the great beyond of TV afterlife. Luckily for us, Miss Blankenship is back from the dead! Actress Randee Heller talks to Madeleine about how she landed the role on Mad Men.

Here's our favorite clip of the late Miss Blankenship. May she rest in peace.

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