The Madeleine Brand Show for September 23, 2010

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Is Teresa Lewis' Execution About Gender Bias?

Tonight, Teresa Lewis of Virginia is schedule to be executed. She's the first woman to be executed in the state in the last 100 years. And that has been the focus of most media coverage.
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The Alcohol Industry Gets into the Prop 19 Debate

Beer or bud? That's the question Californians may legally be asking themselves on a Friday night if Prop 19 passes. And according to recent numbers, Prop 19 has 47% favor against only 37% of people opposed.
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What is a Fair Price for a City Manager?

A new survey shows that compensation for the people who run California’s cities varies widely.  And sometimes managers running the smallest cities have the highest pay. Our own Steve Proffitt crunches the numbers for us in this report.
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Not Now - Facebook's New Friending Options

With 500 million users strong, Facebook is practically a digital nation on the internet. Each day, millions of people use the social networking site for time sucking activities, including making new friends. But what if rather than rejecting a new friend request, it was put on a "not now" status instead?
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Obama Gets the Woodward Treatment

It's not even out yet, but everyone in D.C. is talking about it. Bob Woodward has written another anticipated best-seller called "Obama's Wars," and it paints the president in a very unflattering light.
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The Limits of Fried Foods

At the Los Angeles County Fair, you can enjoy the usual midway delights, bungee jump, or ride a mechanical bull. But everyone comes for one thing, and one thing only — fried foods.
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Miss Blankenship Back From the Dead

The internets have been abuzz with the recent death of Miss Blankenship on the hit cable television show "Mad Men." Miss Blankenship was comic relief for most of this season as Don Draper’s crotchety, decidedly UN-sexy secretary in an office full of glamour girls.
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