The Madeleine Brand Show for September 27, 2010

Mercer 10643

California Governor and Senate Race Debates

This is a big week for California politics. Tomorrow the candidates for California governor Meg Whitman and Jerry Brown square off in a debate at UC Davis.
Mercer 10652

The Media Landscape with Jim Rainey

Nick Jonas testifying before Congress about diabetes research. Mark Clemons testifying about steroid use in Major League Baseball. And now, Stephen Colbert?
Mercer 10648

Parenting on the Edge: Mistaken Identity

For this week's "Parenting on the Edge," an awkward situation. What if you were mistaken as the nanny of your own children?
Mercer 10649

Steve Burke named as CEO of NBC Universal

NBC Universal employees going back to work today will find a new man in charge. On Sunday it was announced that Steve Burke will replace Jeff Zucker as chief executive. Burke's been serving as Comcast's Chief Operating Officer. NBC and Comcast are expected to merge.
Mercer 10647

Geo-Engineering and Climate Change Investments

Now that we are in an ever-warming world, is it time for us humans to use our powers for good? The idea of geo-engineering is seriously being considered today at a conference in Washington.
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