The Madeleine Brand Show for September 30, 2010

Double Rainbow in Hollywood

Mercer 10768

Kara Brugman/Flickr Creative Commons License

Double rainbow over Los Angeles! What does it mean?

Double Rainbow has made it to Hollywood. No, it's not a movie deal for the infamous YouTube video. Last night an actual, honest to goodness double rainbow graced the sky of Los Angeles.

Of course citizens of California were there, cameras in hand. And like any Hollywood production, the Los Angeles version amped up the action. Not only were there two rainbows - we got epic thunder and lightening as well. All the way.

Photo by Mike Meadows. Printed by permission.

Photo by Mike Meadows. Printed by permission.

Photo by Suzanne Danziger. Printed by permission.

Photo by Kara Brugman. Flickr Creative Commons License.

Here is the January 2010 YouTube clip that made the double rainbow an online celebrity. What does it mean?

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