The Madeleine Brand Show for September 30, 2010

Mercer 10762

Meg-gate: Whitman and the Housekeeper Controversy

Call it "Meg-gate" ... the news that Meg Whitman's former housekeeper is an illegal immigrant. Whitman is running to be the next Republican governor of California and is trying hard to win Latino support.
Mercer 10767

Net Neutrality: John Moe and the Tech News

Net Neutrality just got deader this week. The House's Henry Waxman (D-Calif.) couldn't get any Republican backing for his net neutrality bill before Congress broke for a recesses.
Mercer 10740

Joe Klein's America

Time Magazine political columnist Joe Klein spent 30 days on the road, talking to regular people and, as he puts it, “getting past the soundbites..”  
Mercer 10760

The Death of Cathy and the End of an Era

There is going to be a death this weekend. Cathy, the comic strip character obsessed with dieting and shopping, ends her THIRTY FOUR YEAR run. Cathy's creator is Cathy Guisewite. She's ending the strip to spend more time with her family.
Mercer 10761

'Town For Sale' — A Talk with Writer Dana Goodyear

California has long been a rich subject for writers and the new book "The Devil's Punchbowl: A Cultural & Geographic Map of California Today," aims to define the state.
Mercer 10742

Anniversary of James Dean's Death

Today marks the 55th anniversary of the death of film idol James Dean.  Though he made only three movies, he became a potent symbol of the angst and anxiety of youth.   Dean died in an auto crash in the California town of Cholame.  He was on his way to Salinas to race the Porsche Spyder he was driving when he died.
Mercer 10768

Double Rainbow in Hollywood

Double Rainbow has made it to Hollywood. No, it's not a movie deal for the infamous YouTube video. Last night an actual, honest to goodness double rainbow graced the sky of Los Angeles.
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