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Schwarzenegger signs new laws, vetoes others

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Governor Schwarzenegger Discusses The State Budget at City Summit 2010 August 31, 2010 in San Francisco,

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been wrestling with the legislature over the state's budget. It's now four months overdue.

Meanwhile, the governor has a huge stack of bills on his desk. Before they adjourned in August, lawmakers passed more than 700 pieces of legislation, all which have to be approved or rejected by the governor.

So, far, he’s worked his way through about 100, vetoing about half and signing the rest. Steve Proffitt runs down some of the bills that got his signature, and some that got the ax.

Governor Schwarzenegger gave thumbs up to changes in penalties for marijuana possession, and a bill that would mandate martial arts for school kids. His thumbs down include an increase in marriage license fees, and changes in the way the state regulates tattoo artists.

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