The Madeleine Brand Show for October 1, 2010

Mercer 10778

Housekeeper scandal: what consequences for Whitman?

Allegations that Meg Whitman knowingly employed an illegal immigrant housekeeper and then fired her when she launched her bid for governor promises to challenge the republican candidate’s chance with Latino voters.
Mercer 10783

Smog could determine who develops diabetes

How smoggy your city is might affect your chances of developing diabetes, according to a national study. Researchers from Children's Hospital Boston found a strong correlation between adult diabetes and particulate air pollution, a correlation that persists even after adjustment for other risk factors, including obesity and ethnicity.
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"Awesome, Not Awesome" with Luke Burbank

It's time for "Awesome, Not Awesome" with Luke Burbank.
Mercer 10805

Schwarzenegger signs new laws, vetoes others

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger has been wrestling with the legislature over the state's budget. It's now four months overdue. Meanwhile, the governor has a huge stack of bills on his desk. Before they adjourned in August, lawmakers passed more than 700 pieces of legislation, all which have to be approved or rejected by the governor.
Mercer 10779

Go Buy Stuff this 4th Quarter

Today marks the beginning of the 4th quarter of 2010. The last three months of the year are critical for the nation’s retailers. Holiday sales are the engine that drives their profitability.
Mercer 10782

The talented dogs in OK Go's new clip

If you haven’t seen the latest OK Go’s music video of new song “White Knuckles”, you should. Twelve dogs star alongside OK Go in a single take video with no cuts.
Mercer 10816

Study Time with Sanden Totten

So, scientists crank out tons of interesting research all the time.
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